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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hello, Everyone!

Hello anyone who has decided to read this blog. As I am just getting started, I have no idea what to expect from this...

Anyway, as you may have expected, my favorite thing in the whole wide world is Disney. I enjoy researching Disney, listening about Disney, Reading about Disney, etc. One of the things I haven't tried is blogging about Disney. I am hoping that this will be an enjoyable experience for both me and you!

So, what am I going to write about? Any and all things Disney. Now, I will be the first to say I do not know everything about Disney, so I am hoping that this will be a learning experience for me. I am sure that there are some of you that know a whole lot more about Disney than I do, and that is a good thing. Please let me know if I am wrong or if you would like to expand on the topic by commenting. goes nothing. I am not going to promise anything, and I won't be able to put out a daily blog, however, I will try to get one out once a week. I may be more frequent than that, but I may be less frequent than that every once in a while. So, bear with me. Enjoy, and keep it magical!

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